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Virtual Ready Choice of Architecture Intel or AMD 24x7x365 Support Global Network

V8Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core8GB250GBUnlimited
V16Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core16GB2 x 250GBUnlimited

X2Dual Core 5200+4GB250GB20TB
X16aDual Opteron Quad Core16GB1TBUnlimited
C32aDual Opteron Quad Core32GB1TBUnlimited
C24iDual Intel Xeon Quad Core24GB1TBUnlimited
X48HDual Opteron Hex Core48GB2TBUnlimited
C64aDual Opteron Quad Core64GB2TBUnlimited

Various Operating Systems & Control Panels Available

Industry Leader

We’re here to do one thing: make our clients happy. And it’s working. We provide top-notch service to over 10,000 customers (and counting) every day. Part of it comes from our sound and stable financial operations. And then there’s our reach: over 20,000 servers and nearly thousands of square meters of data center space on multiple continents. And of course, don’t forget our “can-do” personalities.


SafeGuard Support

We're technicians first. That means we understand you want support from people who actually get it when you need it, and automation tools so you can take matters in your own hands. You won't find any non-technical staff answering the phone. Only seasoned engineers who care, don't talk down to customers, and can resolve your issues fast. We've earned a reputation for providing best-in-class 24x7x365 support that you won't easily find with other hosting providers. So much so, our customers recommend us on a daily basis. We're committed to making life easier. You shouldn't have to go anywhere else. 


Choose Your Data Center Location

Currently, we have data centers in the USA and Panama, providing full inter-continental diversity. This means you can choose to locate your server closest to your customers for better performance or backup your data in a separate location from your primary server. The opportunities are endless.


RapidFiber Network

Our network capacity exceeds 40Gbps, which provides a speed and connectivity that exceeds the vast majority of our competitors. Don't just take our word for it either. Check out the competition and see for yourself. 


Come Scale With Us

You want to build a growing business without ever outgrowing your business hosting provider. With us, that's one less thing to worry about. We provide the most scalable hosting environment for startups and small to mid-size businesses ready to explode online. We span the globe. How big do you want to be? 


100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Every business hosting provider claims this or something like it, but we'll put our money where our mouth is and offer credit for any downtime. We exist to help your business run better. That's why we take network uptime and performance very seriously. We're only happy when you're firing on all cylinders.




FortaTrust operates state-of-the art datacenters in the United States and Panama, with more on the way in South America, Europe, and Asia. Most are full service Colocation facilities, as well as the operating environment for our Cloud Computing Infrastructure. The highly secure and redundant IT infrastructure of our datacenters protects your servers, web presence and business. In other words, we do everything humanly possible to keep you online all of the time.


24x7x365 In-House Network Operations Center and Datacenter Support

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is unlike any other hosting provider’s, in that it is in-house and constantly monitors and controls all traffic on our 40 Gigabit RapidFiber, inside and outside of our datacenters. When you have an issue, they handle it personally, so it gets resolved quickly.

Our engineers and datacenter personnel manage every aspect of our facilities around the clock, as well. From security, to deploying devices, to handling the day-to day needs of our customers’ solutions, they are ready to act whenever you need them.


Regulated Climate Control

Our heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems have full particle filtering and humidity control. The climate within each of our datacenters is maintained according to ASHRAE Guidelines. This ensures your mission-critical dedicated server and hardware is functioning at its best.


Redundant Power

Unlike some providers, we don't rely solely on the local power grid to guarantee around-the-clock power. Our onsite diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) deliver redundant power if a critical incident occurs, so that all operations are uninterrupted and your dedicated servers remain online. We regularly test our infrastructure to make sure it performs as designed in the event of an emergency. And we back it all up with our 100% Power Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 100% Network Uptime SLA.


Serious About Security

Our datacenters are locked and guarded, and can only be accessed by authorized FortaTrust personnel and our Colocation customers within our colocation pods. Monitored closed circuit television systems and onsite security teams vigilantly protect our datacenters around the clock, while military-grade pass card access and biometric finger scan units† provide even further security.


Multiple Datacenter Locations

Currently, our USA and Panama Data Centers provide our customers with the network and continent diversity required to provide the infrastructure necessary to maximize the efficiency and reliability. In both locations, we have direct fiber rings to the critical Network Access Points (NAP).

While most are familiar with the vast Internet Network infrastructure in the USA, many are not familiar with the benefits of the Country of Panama, and its Infrastructure, which include:

  • Major Cable landing location for over 7 submarine fiber optic cables.
  • Hub and connection for Global Crossing and Level 3 North and South American Rings
  • One hop away from major Internet Gateways, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, and Amsterdam as well as all major cities in Central and South America.
  • No notable natural disasters in the past 100 years.
  • Major global financial center, with very favorable business environment.

All in all, these data centers provide the ideal environment for your solutions, and we will be adding new locations later this year, in South America, Europe and Asia.


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